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Craig McCord

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Sliced tomatoes.

Tomato soup.

Marinara sauce.


No doubt tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables (I know, I know, technically, they are fruit), but news out of Canada puts a new light on just how versatile the tomato really is.

Introducing tomato wine.

That’s right, tomato wine.

In Quebec, a former pork butcher from Belgium, Pascal Miche, is crafting wine from tomatoes using a secret family recipe that goes back four generations.

Sophie Fougeres wrote a piece entitled “Quebec Vintner Turns Tomatoes into Wine" for Agence France-Presse, which I found on Rawstory.com.

She reports:

(Pascal) Miche immigrated to Quebec province from Belgium seven years ago. He said he always had plans in the back of his mind to commercialize his great grandfather's recipe for what his website calls an aperitif wine "from a family recipe that was kept secret for four generations."

He took the plunge in 2009 and the tomatoes getting ready to ripen by mid-August will be his third harvest of the golden elixir – which is more often a home brew limited to a few bottles made by winemaking enthusiasts.

He selects his tomatoes as if they were precious grapes. Using the same techniques as any other winemaker – crushing, soaking, fermenting and pressing – he produces a clear white wine with no trace left of the tomato taste.

Without sampling the wine it’s difficult to form an opinion about it, but what are your thoughts on tomato wine?

Does this idea pique your interest? Can you see yourself sipping tomato wine at sunset or are you wondering, "What's the point?"

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Photo Credit: Craig McCord