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Have you been mulling over starting your first fermentation project or attempting a new technique, but want a little more information?

The New York Times just ran a great profile on Sandor Katz, fermentation expert and author of the recently released book The Art of Fermentation.

In Jeff Gordinier’s “Better Eating, Thanks to Bacteria“, Mr. Katz expounds on the countless health benefits of eating fermented foods.

To share a meal with Mr. Katz is to be reminded that you are sharing it with a vast army of invisible dining companions. As he dug into the mushrooms and yogurt, he talked about a recent study, the Human Microbiome Project, that has deepened the understanding of how our bodies are occupied by “trillions of bacteria,” most of which appear to be committed to the noble enterprise of keeping us healthy and functioning.

Katz also loves the variety and depth of flavor fermentation creates.

There’s no denying that fermentation has drastically expanded the spectrum of what’s available to the human palate. “Ferments are huge sources of flavor complexity,” Mr. Katz said. “That’s why people find cheese so compelling. That’s why soy sauce has become a universally loved condiment.”

As a companion article to the profile, Mr. Katz also answered several readers’ questions in The NYTImes’ Diner’s Journal. It’s very likely you may find the answer to a fermenting question of your own!

Do you have a good beginners’ fermenting recipe? Share it in the comments!

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Photo Credit: Tomiko Peirano