A Lesson in Pig Butchering

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Anne Levay-Krause

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Anne Levay-Krause recently attended a pig butchering class and learned a lot about the different cuts of pork and the various cooking techniques that allow us to make every ounce of an animal count.

I arrived at Carmelo’s Restaurant, located in Lewiston, NY just in time to hang up my coat and grab one of the few pork sandwiches left and a cup of Leonard Oakes’ Steampunk Cider before Chef Bruce Wieszala owner of COPPA Artisan Cured Meats demonstrated how to break down a whole pig from nose to tail into primals and sub primals.

As he broke down the well slaughtered and very clean small pig, he engaged the group of chefs and food enthusiasts on how to use the different cuts, suggesting cooking and curing techniques. Below are photos showing how ribs, bacon, chops, loin, and more were separated. Some shots are quite intense, one of the group actually fainted when the bone saw was used.

Chef began with the right side, dividing it into three manageably sections. The first major cut was to remove the bone from what would become a ham or cured to create prosciutto.

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Would you ever take a pig butchering class? Do you think it’s an important skill?

Image Credit: The City Kitchen

Editor’s Note: You can also click through to The City Kitchen to watch some instructional videos on pig butchering.