Something Fishy

Elizabeth Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson › Elizabeth Thompson is a writer and photographer. She lives in Alaska with her husband and their ...


Innocent of pretension, my 5 year old has been telling people, “I  can’t wait to go to our summer home.” Well, neither can we, despite the fact that “our summer home” is a 94-year old working fish tender with a leaky house. It’s really glorified camping, but we feel rich and consider ourselves blessed to spend our summers on the beautiful waters of Alaska’s Inside Passage, buying (and eating!) wild-caught salmon from independent fishermen.

When you are trying to decide which fish to buy for dinner, please look for the label “Sourced in the USA.” When you buy a fish with that label it has been caught under guidelines set forth by the Magnuson-Stevens Act, the primary law governing marine fisheries management in United States federal waters. You can also do your homework before you shop by visiting

FishWatch provides easy-to-understand science-based facts to help you make smart sustainable seafood choices. U.S. seafood profiled here is responsibly harvested under strict regulations that work to keep the environment healthy, fish populations thriving, and our seafood industry on the job.

Enjoy your fish and my slideshow knowing that when you eat wild-caught fish you are supporting much more than your local market.

Do you buy wild-caught, sustainable fish?

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Thompson