Blueberries… and Bison?

Craig McCord

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Sarah Pope is well versed in real food and she’s made many thought-provoking contributions to HandPicked Nation.

And here's another one.

On her blog, she’s written about another HandPicked contributor, Stanley Fishman and his Blueberry Bison Burgers.

Ms. Pope’s post intrigued us:

I was surprised to learn recently that Native Americans frequently used wild blueberries to flavor bison meat. I discovered this interesting snippet of information from my dear friend Stanley Fishman’s new cookbook Tender Grassfed Barbecue.

Blueberries will be coming into season for weeks to come all across North America, so be sure to try out this distinct flavor combination yourself while the blueberries are seasonal, fresh and at their peak of flavor.

After trying this recipe, we couldn’t agree more with Sarah (and Stanley).

Combining grassfed ground bison with plump, organic blueberries may sound odd at first, but the resulting flavor and texture is incredible. We can say without hesitation, the taste is well worth the effort.

Remember Stanley Fishman’s recommendations on grilling grassfed meats and you’ll be enjoying a different kind of burger in no time.

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Photo Credit: Andrea Pokrzywinski

What's your favorite unusual recipe for hamburgers?