Camping with Cows, Part 1

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Raluca Schachter

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Joyful.  Liberating.  Real. These would be the best three words to describe the Camping with the Cows event I attended this past weekend at Organic Pastures, in Fresno CA.

Who is Organic Pastures?

This organic, raw dairy farm is one of the most special “gems” in California when it comes to real, unaltered, healthy food. I’ve known this farm and its amazing owners, Mark and Blaine McAfee for almost 4 years, but I feel I’ve known them for a lifetime! They are incredibly friendly, always happy, open and honest, just the type of people you’d like to be surrounded by!

Organic Pastures has been family-owned for more than 50 years and its 400 acres are home to approximately 600 cows and 500 chickens who graze year round on green pastures. Solar panels supply the energy needed for up to 85% of the water used on the farm. The cows’ manure is used for their almond trees and for growing grass and alfalfa.

The educational aspect plays a very important role for Organic Pastures, and so their outstanding marketing efforts are focused on the consumer and empowering him to improve his health with the help of one of the oldest and most complete foods available: RAW MILK.

Can you possibly “CAMP” with the COWS??

Yes, you can! And it’s an amazing, peaceful and fun experience! Luckily, it will become a yearly event, since it was so successful. The farm hosted around 150 people: from experienced to beginner campers of all ages, from surrounding areas and even other states, all sharing a common passion for raw milk and healthier living.

The cows were peacefully grazing next to us on pasture and no, there was no unpleasant smell at all! Just a healthy, fresh country air that I personally love! That’s how it is when you talk about healthy, grass grazing animals…

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Have you ever gone camping on a farm before? What was your experience like?

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Photo Credit: Raluca Schachter