Camping with Cows, Part 3

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RECALL. What a “scary” word these days… but I have come to learn that this too is sometimes just another tool used by big corporations and organizations to protect hidden interests and growth of profits. Although the main idea is to protect the consumer, which I totally support, it’s been clearly shown that its current use started to override the initial purpose.

How to Recall Raw Milk

Organic Pastures had to face two recalls for the past year, after many years of providing fresh, healthy raw milk to their consumers. BOTH of the lab testings done in these cases showed NO PATHOGENS in their raw milk, although they had to be shut down for a month and then a week, suffering significant losses.

Interestingly, (and this is just my personal humble observation) the first “recall” happened right after the big raw milk protest in November 2011  in Washington, DC, where a group of mothers from across the country who feed their children raw milk held a demonstration, just outside the FDA headquarters in Silver Spring, MD. Well known public health speakers, natural health practitioners and sustainable farmers joined them. Sally Fallon and Joel Salatin participated at the demonstration as well.

They all protested the FDA’s crackdown on raw milk production and distribution, arguing that the government campaign not only criminalizes raw milk, but criminalizes the American citizens who buy and consume it.

You can find details about the recall of last year as well as the lab testings here.

In May 2012 Organic Pastures had to face another recall of a week due to ONE raw cream batch that presented Campylobacter in it. Campylobacter is a common cause of bacterial foodborne illness or simply said…diarrhea…that gives you immunity for life once you develop it. There are approx. 4 million cases a year of infections with Campylobacter in US. You can find it pretty much…everywhere! Again, the lab testings showed NO Campylobacter in any of their other dairy products. There were NO cases of sick or hospitalized people. Still, the farm have been shut down for a week.

How to Recall Pasteurized Milk

In 2006 a pasteurized creamery got 1,600 people sick with Campylobacter; seven were hospitalized. They were recalled for only 3 hours without even testing…

I have a single question for you here: WHY is raw milk treated totally different than pasteurized milk??

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What is your stance on raw milk? Do you love it, or is it too risky a proposition for you?