Chai Tea-Marbled Easter Eggs

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Jill (The Real Food Forager)

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There are a lot of very cool ways of decorating Easter eggs these days that don’t use artificial dyes. Beets, onion skin, paprika and other safe-to-eat dyeing agents have becoming increasingly popular as more people have come to understand the health impacts food dye can have.

Jill (the Real Food Forager) has a great idea for dyeing Easter eggs that produces a gorgeous (and delicious) result. We just love the look of these chai tea-marbled eggs.

Although I do not celebrate Easter, I still love to decorate eggs. This year I thought I would give tea infused eggs a try. Thinking about it, I came up with the idea for a Chai infused marbleized egg that would look pretty and have an interesting taste as well. Of course you do not want to use artificial colorings — natural is the way to go. These are a home run!

The Chai tea permeates the house with an aromatic smell and makes it more tantalizing than smelling the vinegar used in typical egg coloring procedures. While the eggs are beautiful to look at, they also have an amazing taste as deviled eggs or simple egg salad with homemade mayonnaise.

In light of all the news about the detrimental effects of artificial food colorings (here and here), it is so much better to use natural products than exposing your children to the toxins in artificial colorings through their skin — yes, the chemicals go right through the skin into the body. Use only products that you can also eat.

Speaking of eating, you may be wondering why I have only 4 eggs in the photo. I did want to show what the inside of the shells looks like — cool huh? — but the real reason is my brilliant husband ate the eggs BEFORE I took the photo! He’s in the dog house now — or maybe I should say the hen house!

Click here to get the recipe over!

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Do you have a cool idea for decorating Easter eggs that doesn’t use artificial dyes?

Photo Credit: Jill (the Real Food Forager)