Chelsea Green Means Business

Craig McCord

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If you don’t know about Chelsea Green Publishing, you should.

Their best-selling books are ‘bringing the politics and practice of sustainable living to the world”.

Founded thirty years ago by Margo and Ian Baldwin, Chelsea Green knew they wanted to publish high-quality books that would dig deep into the environment, natural history, agricultural, and how politics affects it all.

This is from their website:

Our purpose is to stop the destruction of the natural world by challenging the beliefs and practices that are enabling this destruction and by providing inspirational and practical alternatives that promote sustainable living.

We seek to promote better understanding of natural systems as a global commons. We seek to empower citizens to participate in reclaiming the commons, to serve as its effective stewards, and to help mitigate worldwide social and environmental disruptions.

We seek to build a community of new voices that will empower and inspire individuals to reduce their ecological impact and to participate in the restoration of healthy local communities, bioregional ecosystems, and a diversity of cultures.

Their best-selling books are ‘bringing the politics and practice of sustainable living to the world”.

Their book categories give their readers a wide angle view. They are:

Chelsea Green Kids

Socially Responsible Business

Food & Health

Gardening, Agriculture & Permaculture

Green Building

Nature & Environment

Politics & Social Justice

Renewable Energy

Science Writers & Science

Simple Living & Transition

There is so much valuable information available in their books.

Whether your interest is in homesteading, starting a farm, or living off the grid these books contain the information you need.

Perhaps you want to teach your kids the importance of composting, how to make homemade cheese, or to plan and grow a bountiful garden, these folks have the books that can help you accomplish your goals.

We have long admired the commitment Chelsea Green Publishing has made to real food, environmental responsibility, ethical business, simple living and self reliance.

Hats off to Margo and Ian Baldwin, the staff at Chelsea Green, and all the great authors who write these valuable books.

Photo credit: Craig McCord