Chive Talkin’

Katey Parker

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These days, you can find just about anything to talk about online. One of my favorite finds has been #SpiceChat, a monthly Tweet-up hosted by TableFare and MySpiceSage surrounding, you guessed it, spices.  It's the perfect place to share, learn, ask and drool for everyone from spice experts to salt and pepper diehards. 

This month’s spice of choice: chives.  Cultivated since the Middle Ages, this member of the onion family really became popular in 19th century French Haute cuisine, earning its present day spot in home gardens, windowsills and kitchen cupboards. 

From dressing up an old-fashioned grilled cheese to adding them into homemade pizza crust, it became hard to distinguish when NOT to use this burst of flavor.  Here are some great new tips I learned from all of the Twitter chatter:

  • Roll a log of goat cheese in chives to dress it up for a cheese plate
  • Chop up fresh chives finely and sprinkle on popcorn, pasta, eggs or corn on the cob!
  • Use a sprinkle of dried chives in basic vinaigrettes

  • Use to season your outdoor grill, or cast iron (along with lemon and garlic)
  • Store dried chives away from light sources to savor flavor.  Their flavor also diminishes with heat.
  • Use to tie up bundles of vegetables or beggar purses
  • Great as a table decoration, on a windowsill or a housewarming gift 
  • Chop and freeze cubes of chives to preserve them

  • Rehydrate dried chives in white wine for 15 minutes to boost their flavor
  • Paprika, garlic, parsley, rosemary, dill, tarragon, are all great spices to use with chives to balance their bright flavor

And what would #SpiceChat be without some shared recipes?  Here are a few favorites to help you get chive-y:

Tune into the next #SpiceChat on Twitter on Wednesday, June 6th, at 4p.m. EST to chat about the exotic spice ginger.  They also post recaps of past chats on TableFare's website, so you won't miss out on all of the spice wisdom!