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Andrea DiMauro

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As we prepare for the various barbecues and cookouts over Labor Day weekend, it’s especially important to keep the source of your meats in mind. Andrea DiMauro of Food Truth recently posted a great overview reminding us of the various health and flavor benefits of pastured meats.

Like Andrea says, “You are what they eat.”

Summertime and the livin’ is easy. What’s easier than firing up the grill and throwing hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs or chicken breasts on for dinner? Unconsciously consuming mass quantities of BT corn, synthetic hormones and antibiotics, that’s what.

We need to know the provenance of our food, especially the animals we consume. Why? Because the nutrient profile of the meat varies greatly depending on the way the animal was raised. If they ate garbage, we are eating garbage when we eat them.

Beef: meat from steer pastured on grass has higher CLA and omega 3 fatty acids (very good things) than from feedlot animals fed GMO corn mash, growth hormones and antibiotics.

Poultry: Chickens fastidiously pecking the ground for worms, bugs and grass lay nutrient-rich eggs with deep orange yolks. “Commodity” birds are raised (in confinement) on a GMO grain diet, injected with phosphorus and soaked in chlorinated water after slaughter to be plump and juicy. Ugh.

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This article originally appeared on Food Truth. It is partially posted here with permission of the author.

What are you cooking for Labor Day weekend?

Photo Credit: Craig McCord