Corn, Glorious Corn

Craig McCord

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Our good friend, Betty Fussell thought it was a big, engrossing subject.

So big she wrote a whole book about it.

This comes directly from her website:

Like its subject, The Story of Corn is a unique hybrid, drawing upon history and mythology, science and art, anecdote and image, personal narrative and epic, to tell the extraordinary story of the grain that built the New World. Indeed, corn transformed the way the whole world eats, providing both a hardy, inexpensive alternative to rice or wheat and cheap fodder for livestock. And, with its mercurial genetic structure, it found its way into everything from explosives to embalming fluid. As Fussell writes, “Corn made the whole world kin.”

But the story of corn is essentially an American saga, entwining the histories–and often clashing world views–of the indigenous peoples who first cultivated the grain and the European conquerors who appropriated and then propagated it around the globe. With characteristic wit and passion, Fussell explores its roles as food and fetish, crop and commodity, to the peoples who for seven centuries have planted, consumed, worshiped, processed, and profited from it.

OK, so corn has a past. Who doesn’t, right? The important thing to know is that it’s in its summer glory right now. Now is the time to eat as much of this luscious cereal plant one wants–because it is so damn tasty!

Here are a few ideas that some smart food folks have assembled to help you use this summer grain in some fun and interesting ways.

Superman Cooks has used the memory of Mexican street food to put out their recipe for grilled corn. This looks very tasty.

Corn, bacon and clam stew. Mmmmm. Food52 shares a different kind of clam bake. Wow.

Every word in this recipe’s title reminds one of good eating. Santa Fe Corn Pudding is a different way to use corn, glorious corn.

Fresh Corn Fritters with Charred Tomato Salsa is up on What else need be said? Make these tonight!

Thanks, for this delicious idea: Fregula with Corn (fregola is an Italian rolled pasta similar to Israeli couscous)

Have you ever made a flan from corn? It just might be time to try your hand at it. Corn Flan from might be epic.

How about corn ice cream? Sweet corn made into sweet ice cream–kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? The Kitchn proves that it does.

These are but seven recipes to get you started. Do your own research. See how you like to prepare corn. Try something new.

But most of all, make the most of corn here at the height of its golden, summertime power.

Share your favorite corn recipe in the comments section.

Photo credit: Staci Strauss