Cover, Cover, Cover Your Rows

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Adam Weiss

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If you woke up with frost on your car windows, you know that overnight temperatures were in the 30’s. Your root crops (carrots, beets, radishes) as well as lettuces can handle the cold temperatures.

However, if you have planted your brassica’s, such as kale, swiss chard and broccoli, they need some extra protection.

All-purpose garden fabric (Row Cover) has many benefits to aid your young plants. It will protect the plants from frost and wind damage, act as a cover for bugs (flea beetles love to chomp on young plants) and still allows rain and sunlight to make its way to the plants and soil.

It is a worthwhile and inexpensive investment to consider. I know my kale plants are happy!

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What is your favorite tool or trick in your garden?

Photo Credit: Adam Weiss