Dealing with Aphids

Renee Wilkinson

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Renee Wilkinson’s modern homestead is filled with gorgeous produce, lively chickens and ducks… and plenty of pests. She recently wrote about dealing with aphids in a safe manner that won’t disrupt her organic practices.

Aphids suck – literally. These pesky garden pests will poke their mouths into your beloved plants and suck out their liquid. It weakens the plant and reduces your harvest – not to mention the unsightly appearance a massive, black mound of aphids can be on your plants. What can be done on the organic homestead to remedy the problem?

The answer: lots! To prevent aphids from taking hold to begin with, place aphid-repelling plants throughout the garden like garlic, onions, chives, and radishes. You can also plant aphid-attracting plants, like nastursium, to draw the aphids toward one area and away from your beloved vegetables.

Another strategy is to attract beneficial insects to the garden to feast on these pests. Ladybugs and lacewings love to eat aphids.

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Photo Credit: Renee Wilkinson