Ditch Your Diet, For Good

Jody Grimm

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What does dieting look like for you?

Does it look like counting calories, skipping meals, passing on dessert? Or maybe it looks like obsessive exercising, scale watching, and late night binging. Maybe it even looks like avoiding dinner with friends, hiding behind baggy clothes, and saying “no” to yet another date.

And still, the weight won’t budge. And you’re tired, cranky, and hungry.

Well, that doesn’t sound like living your dream. It sounds more like living in prison. Am I right?

Imagine if you stopped dieting. What might that look like?

Maybe it would look like indulging in delicious meals, eating food that makes you feel good, and smiling at your reflection. Or it might look like dancing the night away, enjoying dinner with friends, and saying “yes” to that guy who’s always eyeing you during your morning commute. It might look like standing up tall, spending more time naked, and feeling confident, sexy and alive.

Imagine if you stopped dieting. What might that look like?

So are you ready for that kind of living? Take these 3 simple steps to break free.

1.  Stop believing it’s going to happen overnight

Let’s be clear about this once and for all: there is no magic pill. There never has been and never will be! If a product or program claims you can lose weight overnight or shed 10 pounds in a week, move along. It’s simply untrue and unsustainable. To create long-lasting change you’ve got to find a program that teaches you HOW to eat for your specific body and provides you with practical tools to make it work for your lifestyle.

2.  Eat whole foods and eat as much as you want

In other words, don’t ever count another calorie again. And throw your scale in the trash while you’re at it. You could be full of calories and completely void of nutrients, which is the case for most dieters. Low- fat, low-cal, sugar-free, gluten-free foods are full of processed ingredients and stripped of vitamins and minerals. Focus instead on eating foods densely packed with nutrients (fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds). The good news? When eating whole foods you don’t have to restrict yourself!

3.  Get grateful

Put an end to the negative self-talk. Today. Think about how hard our bodies work every day to keep us alive. You can stuff your body with processed sugar, alcohol, caffeine, drugs even, and it will do all it can to digest it and use it as fuel. Write a letter to your body tonight. Don’t think about how silly it sounds, just do it. Write, “Dearest body, thank you for…” Show your body a little bit of love and I guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results.

Not convinced? Get the support you need here, and get excited to ditch your diet for good!

Are you interested in shedding pounds in a healthy way?

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