Eat Raw, It’s Simple

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Jody Grimm

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Raw foodists are extreme; at least that’s what you’ve heard, no? They spend their days soaking nuts, sprouting seeds, and dehydrating fruits and veggies. While some of this may be true, I’d like to convince you that eating raw doesn’t need to be so complicated, doesn’t need to take up all your time, and shouldn’t make you feel limited or unsatisfied. It can actually be, surprise, surprise, simple and delicious.

Eating raw, although many people consider it a new concept, is in fact the most old fashioned way of eating. It consists of eating food that is uncooked (at least not above 118 degrees), free of chemical additives, not genetically modified, not pasteurized or significantly processed in any way. If you choose to eat raw it might mean you follow a strict vegan or vegetarian diet, or it might not. Many people enjoy meat and dairy in its raw state as well. Rather than feel limited by labels, it’s more important to focus on embracing and appreciating food in its natural state, whatever that food might be.

When people are first introduced to the idea of eating raw, the most common question is, why? Again, to me, the answer is simple. Eating food in its natural state keeps nutrients intact and allows the body to easily recognize and process these nutrients. Cooking food, on the other hand, destroys nutrients and in many cases creates carcinogens, which over time have the potential to cause serious disease. Some experts actually hypothesize that regularly eating highly cooked and processed foods may result in the intake of carcinogens in amounts greater than those found in the lungs of heavy cigarette smokers. Whether or not this is confirmed, there is no denying that in many places around the world where raw, whole foods are valued above the rest, people are experiencing much lower rates of disease and thriving into old age.

These reasons primarily were what motivated my creating of Jo Jo’s RAW Kitchen, a raw food resource and delivery service, with the mission to make real food part of our every day. This week Jo Jo’s RAW Kitchen has challenged its supporters to seven days of 100% raw foods and has been offering simple tips and easy to follow recipes, none of which require a juicer or dehydrator. Through Jo Jo’s I hope to make eating raw accessible and exciting to anyone who’s willing to make a change.

For those new to the idea of eating raw, I would advise you to use Jo Jo’s tools to slowly introduce more raw food into your diet; perhaps start with swapping one cooked meal per day with one that’s completely raw. If you’ve experimented with eating raw before or are just up for a challenge, go for it and see how it feels to commit completely to one week, or even one month of this lifestyle. Whether you ease into the transition, or immediately proclaim to the world that you’re a raw foodist, you’ll benefit from adopting new habits and start developing a deeper relationship between your body, your mind, and the food you will be proud to eat.

Stay tuned for much more on living raw, simply.