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Summer vacation is in full swing, and so starts the season of the road trip.

If you’re thinking about hitting the road, but are concerned about getting stuck with little more than fast food to satisfy your hunger pangs, you should check out Eat Well Guide’s handy new “Eat Well Everywhere” online app.

Punch in your pre-determined route and watch the travel map fill in with shops, restaurants, farmer’s markets and more that support and sell local, organic foods. You can filter the results to minimize or maximize your options. You can also zero in on one city or address if you’re staying put for the day. Simply punch in the location in the “Start” address field and click submit.

I would recommend doing a bit of research before you take off, calling ahead to double-check hours of operation and such. I recently used the app very ‘on-the-go’ as my husband I drove through Kentucky and was disappointed a couple of times when shops or cafes weren’t open. We either just missed the hours of service or the establishment's website had misinformation listed. Not a fun thing when you’re hot and hungry, but the fault lay with me and not the app.

There’s definitely a sliding scale of Real Food quotient among the options, so be sure to read about each listing individually to see if it satisfies your requirements.

To be able to chart your way through an unfamiliar part of the country farmer’s market by farmer’s market is just another great example of Eat Well Guide’s massive database of Real Food information… and their ability to make is as accessible and useful as possible. Thanks guys!

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