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Tomiko Peirano

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I'm in New Orleans this weekend on my first visit to a city famous for its history, culture, music and FOOD.

My first day was spent sightseeing, with my stomach as my compass… a plan of attack I hope to repeat every day until I leave. I don't eat like this very often, so I'm throwing caution and calories to the wind and enjoying myself in a place with as many storied recipes and culinary traditions as there are Mardi Gras beads still dangling from people's porches. 

So far, I've had biscuits and gravy, praline bacon, beignets, rice and butter beans, gumbo, soft shell crab in Béarnaise sauce and Bananas Foster (the picture above was taken right as the rum hit the flame). On my to-do list are po' boys, muffaletta, boudin balls, rice calas, Etouffee, a jazz brunch, a nap and some Alka Seltzer. Am I missing anything?

I am barely hanging in there, but I will soldier through and my culinary questing will continue unabated. I promise a full report when I get home. I'm also meeting with some amazing folks in the local food scene while I'm down here, so keep an eye out for some of my other stories from Nola.

What's been your favorite city or country to visit for the food? Tell us in the comments!