End of Our Market Season

Staci Strauss

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An artistic array of squashes.

Here in Woodstock, New York we have a wonderful farmers’ market, appropriately called The Woodstock Farm Festival. Everything in Woodstock is a festival! Our market season wound down this week, a bittersweet day for those of us who rely on the farmers who bring delicious product to us every Wednesday. As always, it was a cold and rainy last day, but that didn’t keep the community away. We don’t have a winter market here, so it is the last time we will see a lot of folks until spring–people were stocking up!

Things in jars, root vegetables, and lots of apples were the order of the day. Terrific pastured meat from Northwind Farms stocks our freezer. It’s stew meat time! Don’t forget the spicy garlic and onions that Jay from Four Winds Farm grows, it is perfect for the stew.

One last bag of Sky Farms greens, and a plate of Black-Eyed Suzie’s tacos, and it was time to get in out of the rain.

We will miss our weekly gathering, remembering the warmth of the sun in the heat of the summer, when musicians played, pie contests were judged, and kids and dogs played. We can’t wait until next year–when again, we’ll say “If it’s Wednesday, it’s the Woodstock Farm Festival!”

Does your local market end, or is it year round?

Photo Credit: Craig McCord