Faline the Calf’s First Day

Jamie Huizenga

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Thank God for my husband.

He had to leave the farm on the 6th and was not going to come back until the 20th. Elsa’s calf was due on the 20th and she is our most difficult cow, kicking when milked and pretty wild. On the 7th he called me and said that he changed his plans and was going to come back on the 12th to try and finish the stanchion so we could get Elsa calmed down before she calved. Whew!

He got in late on Friday and Saturday morning I had to leave at 7 a.m. to take our daughter to town to take her ACT (Animal Care Tactics) test. When I got back, he so nonchalantly asks if I am warm enough to join him, but I had to go put on my muck boots. Then he tells me we had some new lambs and one was still born, and we had another new lamb, and guess who else? Elsa! YIKES!

Lots of miracles in these few days. My husband really is my hero.

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Photo Credit: Jamie Huizenga