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UPDATE FROM THE ROAD # 1: North Conway, New Hampshire

This first update finds us in North Conway at the precipice of the White Mountains. Since beginning from Brunswick, Maine on Saturday we have ridden 110 miles stopping in Portland, Maine (where we made it on to the local news! Check out the video here) and Naples and encountering unexpected sun, heavy rain, wind, and warm, hospitable hosts at each spot. We were sent off in fine fashion with a group of friends and family saying their farewells at Crystal Spring Farm, while a handful of well wishers road with us down the scenic bi-roads of the southern Midcoast and Casco Bay all the way to Portland. Tomorrow we’ll likely push on toward our first high mileage day, something over 40 miles, while also climbing out first significant mountain pass (Kancamagus Pass).

UPDATE FROM THE ROAD # 2: Waterbury, Vermont

Looking out the window we can see the mix of spring and winter colliding artfully. Daffodils, forsythia and Red Maple leaves flap back and forth in the wind and snow that we awoke to this morning. Yesterday we pushed our bodies and our loaded bicycles over 75 miles from N. Woodstock, New Hampshire to the lovely mountain oasis of Ron and Carolyn Fox, Leah’s family friends and our gracious hosts for the next 2 nights. We decided earlier in the day to go for big miles, our reward would be a warm dwelling later in the day. A day after climbing Kancamagus Pass on Route 302 we scaled Kinsman Ridge, the steep roads through Orange, Vermont and a mercilessly hilly section of roads to arrive here by 630 last night. Sitting here now, looking out the window, it seems like it was the right choice.

UPDATE FROM THE ROAD # 3: Charlotte, Vermont

We’ve got to keep this brief…having breakfast now with friends in Charlotte after spending a lovely night in a timber framed mini cabin in the woods…I want one. Today we’ll board a ferry across Lake Champlain and pedal to meet friends in the Lake Placid area. Pictures to come soon!

UPDATE FROM THE ROAD # 4: Lake Placid, New York

We’ve been traveling light miles these past few days, soaking in the generosity of friends with gratitude in our hearts. We pushed nearly 50 miles from Charlotte to The North Country School outside of Lake Placid where we remained for two nights. Our route there featured an amazing section of road on I-9N from Elizabethtown, NY to Keene, NY and the intersection of I-73W. In a full crouch, dropped nearly level with my handle bars, I looked on with excitement as my speedometer reached 48 mph. It’s the fastest I can remember going in a long while, and certainly never with such a sturdy load.

Our time at North Country School was a revelation. The programming emphasizes placed based learning and our friends Doug and Todd (current NCS faculty) introduced us to a welcoming community of children and educators. We worked to prepare the children’s garden, planting low bush blueberries, and a hedgerow of roses-while also learning about the distinct culture of such a beautiful learning environment. We were overjoyed to spend time with students, asking questions and listening to stories-we left this morning feeling like we had learned a great deal about a great many things from kids half our age.

Tonight we’ll stay with our friend Dan in Lake Placid (and find a place to watch the Celtics win…GO CELTICS) and tomorrow we’re off just a moment up the road to Saranac Lake to see dear friends there as well. We’ll embrace these familiar faces now, as many places and people unknown await.

UPDATE FROM THE ROAD # 5: Pulaski, New York

Our fifth update finds us drying our gear in room 105 of the Pulaski Travel Lodge, we slogged 42 miles here today in a pouring rain. We’ll try a different approach tonight, an update by numbers:

Days on the road – 17
Zero(mile) days – 5
Distance traveled – 510 miles
States seen – 4
Longest day – 76.5 miles
Total time riding(time spent actually pedaling) – 45h 5m 11s
Longest day (time…) – 6h 21m 36s
Nights camped – 3 (can you believe how many friends we have with spare rooms?)
Rivers/lakes drank from – 3
# of free eggs received – 1 dozen
# of men we’ve seen walking aimlessly with a loaded shotgun – 1
Mountain ranges biked through – 3
# of littered banana peels – 18
# of painted lady butterflies on side of the road – thousands
# of cyclists we have seen – 2 (a sweet Dutch couple)
# of showers taken (Leah & Adam combined) – 13

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THE WRITERS: At its core FoodCycle is about adventure and education. This April a team of cyclist will embark on a self-supported cross county from Casco Bay (Maine) to San Francisco Bay (California) to "pedal" our vision.

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