Food Revolution ‘Dinner’

Bri DeRosa (Red, Round or Green)

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I am SO excited.

Those of you who have been hanging around my blog for a while (and by the way, thanks — I don’t say that enough, probably) may recall that I celebrated Food Day back in October with a Virtual Progressive Dinner.  I teamed up with Bettina from The Lunch Tray, Grace from Eat Dinner, Kathleen from Dinner Together, and Jeanne from The Jolly Tomato to provide a full menu of delicious dishes, a course at a time; those who followed along stopped first at Bettina’s place, then moved on to mine, and so on and so forth until they’d consumed every last word and recipe of our online meal.

It was a lot of fun for us, as bloggers, but I had almost forgotten about our virtual soiree until I got a recent email from Bettina proposing that we reprise our event, this time in recognition of Chef Jamie Oliver’s first-ever Food Revolution Day (May 19, 2012, if you haven’t already got it circled on your calendars).  Of COURSE I said yes…and, happily, so did Grace, Jeanne, and two new members of our Progressive Dinner club, Billy Mawhiney of Time at the Table and Eila Johnson from Full Plate/Meals in a Snap. This is going to be some party!

So on May 18 (yes, the EVE of Food Rev Day — we’ve decided to be sort of the kick-off to the main event), plan to be busy.  Get your mouse finger in fine clicking shape.  Make sure your chair is ergonomically adjusted to the height of your computer screen.  Charge your mobile devices fully.  Because you are not going to want to miss a single morsel of this dinner.  The line-up:

Appetizers: Time at the Table
Soup/Salad: Red, Round, or Green
Entree: The Jolly Tomato
Side Dishes: Full Plate/Meals in a Snap and Eat Dinner
Dessert: The Lunch Tray

Oh, and did I mention that there will be giveaways at every course?  So not only do you get to hang out with some amazing bloggers, join in the conversation, pick up a few new recipes, and celebrate Food Revolution Day, but you also get the opportunity to win some neat prizes.  What’s not to love?

What are you cooking on Food Revolution Day?

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Photo Credit: LA Weekly