The Food Truck Revolution is Here to Stay

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Craig McCord

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The traveling roadshow we know as the food truck revolution is in full swing.

It’s called the food truck movement, but they’re usually parked. But, seriously, folks.

There are advantages for everyone involved. For hungry eaters the chance to sample the goods is obvious and for the truckers it can be a mobile food lab. Of course each truck has its speciality, but the opportunity to put new (and sometimes) improved items on the menu keeps things fresh and exciting.

Way back in 2011 (!) Jesse Hirsch writing in the New York Times quoted a person that, perhaps, knows as thing or two about food trends.

Food truck culture “used to be a joke,” said Tim Zagat, co-founder of Zagat Survey, the restaurant guide company. “We would call those things ‘roach coaches.’ ” Now, he said, Zagat reviews trucks “on the level of any good restaurant.”

In major urban areas food trucks are not a new phenomenon. In cities, there seems to be no end to the popularity of eating small bites delivered from a truck’s window.

Most every gathering of food trucks we have ever experienced has been friendly and delicious.

And now, smaller communities are joining the revolution, enjoying great tasting food from these chefs on wheels.

One example of this is the Hudson Valley Food Truck Festival. This summer on every third Thursday, food truckers from the surrounding region gather near Saugerties, New York. In the parking lot of a local creative hub, Fiberflame, ten food trucks circle the wagons and serve up one delicious taste after another.

Check out this list of mobile munchie manufacturers:

We’ve posted a sampling of images in the gallery above to give an idea of how friendly the atmosphere is and how incredible good the food is at Hudson Valley Food Truck Festival (and other ones like it). That’s not surprising as most every gathering of food trucks we have ever experienced has been friendly and delicious.

The bottom line is the food truck movement is not just about trucks, it’s about what they deliver and deliver they do–and they’ll be around for a long time to come.

Are you a fan of the food truck cuisine? Got a favorite you would like to share?

Photo credit: Craig McCord