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Healthy Eating from the Ground Up

This is exciting. FoodCorps is a national organization that enlists volunteers to give a year of public service in the fight against obesity and diet-related diseases. Volunteers (called Service Members) work with local partner organizations to deliver practical, hands-on food education for healthy kids. The way this very capable group of people is approaching these monumental challenges is by providing nutrition education, as well as planting and tending and bringing quality local food into public school cafeterias.

It's quite clear that, right now, the real food movement possesses more energy and momentum than what has become known as the environmental movement. A shining example of that is FoodCorps. At the beginning of their efforts, over 1200 people applied for just 50 positions. That tell us that there is a need and a yearning to do something positive to change our food system. It's painfully clear that America has a problem with food. With the number of obese children rising steadily and with weight-related health costs expected to reach nearly $350 billion by 2018, further obfuscation, hand-wringing and delay on meaningful legislation has to end.

FoodCorps' genius is helping to improve access to fresh, healthy food. Exciting people about growing their own food is a great way to make a real difference. We believe the real food movement is about more than food. It's about making people live richer, more healthy lives and FoodCorps is in the forefront of doing just that.

What do you think about FoodCorps?