Freezing Fresh Chicken Eggs

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Richard Morris

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Richard Morris recently wrote about the overabundance of fresh chicken eggs on his foodstead and the clever way he’s putting them up for future use. It’s incredibly simple and a great way to not let any homegrown food go to waste.

I decided to dispense with a clever title for this post, and instead, get right to the point. Sometimes hard work, perseverance, and fate conspire against you. When that happens, you wake up one morning to find yourself buried in good fortune. In my case, it’s eggs. I’ve got way too many.

Our laying hens have gone gangsta on us. Set to full-auto, they’re firing nearly two dozen eggs at us a day. We’ve countered with fried eggs, scrambled eggs, hard boiled, soft boiled, deviled, poached, omelets, quiche, casseroles, frittatas, egg soup, salad… just about everything really.

I considered opening up a toll road in front of my house, only instead of motorists paying me, they’d have to accept a dozen eggs in order to pass. I wondered whether the bank would accept a truckload in lieu of a mortgage payment, or perhaps, I could leave baskets of them on our neighbor’s porches, like some demented calendar-challenged Easter bunny. On the other hand, I could build an egg cannon and snipe passing cars (Mary nixed that idea). Eventually I realized we we’re [sic] left with no other choice but to go with the nuclear option; cryogenic stasis, or in non-geek speak, we can freeze them. Here’s how.

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How do you deal with an excess of fresh eggs?

Photo Credit: Richard Morris