Genetically Engineered Salmon Nearing Approval

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Genetically engineered salmon may soon be hitting U.S. markets, and the vote for approval is coming up!

Jill (the Real Food Forager) shares some vital information about this landmark decision and the steps you can take to prevent it… that is, if you find the idea of unlabeled genetically engineered salmon less than appetizing.

We knew it would be just a matter of time until the FDA approved genetically engineered salmon. They are just about ready to take the final step towards approving this Frankenfish. Making matters worse is the fact that this fish would not have to be labeled! You won’t know what salmon you are eating!

FDA Gets Its Science from AquaBounty

The FDA is relying on the data from AquaBounty — the very company that has spent millions if not more, on research and development of this Frankenfish. They are shaking in their boots until it is approved — the alternative is not an option and they will do everything possible to get it approved.

Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service are really against this approval, as well as thousands of citizens like you and me.

Criticism of the data provided by AquaBounty points to the lack of sufficient evidence that the fish is safe for consumption, and the difficulty in measuring its real impact on the environment once mass production begins.

The FDA will be taking public comments for 60 days before finally deciding on whether or not to approve the salmon. Get your voice heard!

Send an Urgent Message to Congress

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Will you make your voice heard on this issue?

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