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First of all, let’s get something straight; there has be to a better word than ‘foodies’.

Let’s all work on that in 2015. We can do better, people!

Gift giving is just around the bend. Shop local if you can, but there is such good stuff online that we thought we would share a few of our faves right now.

Good Ideas for People Who Know Good Taste

Our good friend Scott Witherow continues to create and produce some really tasty chocolate. This time of year we love to bite into his Peppermint Bark. You’ll be a hero when people open this package. Maybe they’ll share.

OK, so you can’t eat and drink all the time. What about reading about it during breaks in the action? Gabrielle Hamilton has been a genius at Prune for over fifteen years and now shares her secrets with her new cookbook, Prune.

You like ‘hot’? You like ‘sweet’? Well, Mike’s Hot Honey is for you. This is some delicious stuff. ‘A versatile condiment made with the heat lover in mind’ is how it’s described on their website. Enough said. Good luck giving it away!

Jori Jayne Emde makes her stuff in a barn in the woods. She’s one of our favorite people and boy, does she impress with her products. She makes everything by hand. She describes her products this way: Wildcrafted. Seasonal. Limited Editions. We especially like her bitters and love, love, love her Orange Bitters.

Nut butters are bad-ass and they’re good for you. Big Spoon Roasters produce some of the best nut butters around. They say: We see no reason to add ingredients that don’t contribute to flavor, freshness, or sustainability, which are paramount to our ingredient choices.

We’re busy looking for more luscious, deliciously different suggestions. Watch this space.

What are the food-related gift ideas that are catching your eye this season?

Photo credits: Olive & Sinclair, Gabrielle Hamilton, Mike’s Hot Honey, Lady Jayne’s Alchemy, and Big Spoon Roasters.