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Thinking about cutting out gluten or grains from your diet might be the fastest route to an all-out pastry binge, but before you bury your head in the bread box consider the growing number of folks diagnosed with celiac disease or other food intolerances… and ask yourself if you possibly number among them. Our wheat supply has changed dramatically in recent years (most notably in how it’s grown or been hybridized), becoming a ‘basic food group’ that may do more damage to our systems than we realize.

Real Food Forager and HandPicked Nation contributor Dr. Jill Tieman has created the comprehensive online 12-week course “Go Grain-Free” to make a transition to a grain-free diet manageable and delicious. With over 150 recipes and over 80 video tutorials, Jill takes you from the basics of restocking your pantry to making your own grain-free baked goods.

A grain-free diet isn’t going to be the answer for everyone, but this class offers a terrific opportunity to anyone that has been wanting to go grain-free without knowing where to start.

The class is currently being offered at a lower introductory price of $149 (regularly priced at $199), and Jill is offering an extra discount! Use coupon code NOGRAINS and get another $20.00 off for a total of $129 when you sign up for the class.*

We recently spoke with Jill about the class and the overall benefits of going grain-free. Here’s what she had to say:

HandPicked Nation: Is there a benefit for anyone to attempt to eat grain-free, or just those that suspect grains are causing health issues?

Dr. Jill Tieman: There can certainly be a health benefit even if there are no perceived health issues. Many conditions develop gradually over years and it can be very hard to pinpoint what is causing it. Research has shown that eating grains – especially commercial grains that have not been soaked, sprouted or fermented by sourdough – can cause inflammation. Inflammation is at the bottom of many if not most health problems. Inflammation involves the immune system, which resides in the intestine. It follows that food will influence and interact with the immune system as it makes its way through the digestive process.

To answer the question, yes, it is a benefit to remove grains from the diet to see how you feel. If there are issues that you never thought would be related to food, and these go away then you have your answer.

HPN: What do you think will be the biggest stumbling block for someone trying this for the first time, and what do you propose as an “answer”?

JT: The hardest part is feeling the pressure of trying to replace all the grain product you eat with non-grain products, especially if you are cooking for a family. This makes it very stressful because you will try to learn how to bake everything with non-grain flours right away.

It took me years to teach myself how to cook and bake without grains and there were a lot of expensive and time consuming mistakes. At the time there were no classes and very few cookbooks using nut and coconut flours. I always wondered if the batter was right and how the end product should look as well.

That is why I put together my new online class called go grain-free. It has everything you need to get started and you save time and money by learning how to cook and bake without grains without the trial and error part that I experienced.

HPN: There are a LOT of recipes included in this course, what was the most challenging recipe to get “right”?

JT: Developing new recipes can be challenging. The one recipe that comes to mind is the recipe for the lunch wraps. That recipe went through quite a few iterations before I got it right. I am very proud of that recipe for that reason. And, they taste great!

HPN: There is a lot of support for the notion of simply eating anything in moderation, as opposed to completely limiting one’s intake of something. What is the biggest misconception about going “-free” in your opinion?

JT: When people think of removing a food group from the diet they tend to focus on what they will be missing. It is far more productive to think about what you can have and what great new foods you can try. It is a time to actually widen your food choices while you are eliminating others.

Another roadblock for some is that they feel that they just “cannot” give up certain foods. This is simply not true. Anyone can give up anything if they put their mind to it. Additionally, when they do change their diet and begin to feel better it becomes that much easier to stay away from offending foods.

HPN: Apart from new cooking skills, what is the one learning you hope a student of this course will walk away with?

JT: I hope to impart a love of real food made from scratch, to the participants and the confidence that they can tackle any recipe with the new skills they have learned. I also hope to empower people with the knowledge that they can take control of their own health with their food choices and commitment to this lifestyle.

Understanding the full-scope nutritional value of what you eat and the process it went through to get to your plate is a huge step towards creating a diet that is right for your specific needs.

Click here to sign-up for the class!

Photo Credit: Dr. Jill Tieman

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