Above All, Greens

Craig McCord

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We think it's a good thing that rooftop farming is rapidly becoming the new normal. From Montreal to Singapore, from San Francisco to New York, urban pioneers are utilizing building tops for growing clean, fresh food.

In Greenpoint, Brooklyn on top of an abandoned bowling alley, Gotham Greens is doing just that. In translucent greenhouses, under the command of a computer controlled arrangement of motors, watering equipment and sensors, numerous varieties of produce are thriving.

Don't let all the high-tech throw you. It's about taste, too. Michael Anthony, chef at Gramercy Tavern in Manhattan, likes their butter lettuce so much he built a new salad recipe around it.

Here's what they say on their website: "Our produce is the best you can get, grown locally and sustainably, year round, with unmatched care and commitment to quality. You'll taste the difference."

Let's eat.

To learn more, visit: gothamgreens.com

Is there any rooftop growing where you live?