Grandkids and Cooking

Craig McCord

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Combining grandkids and cooking is one of the great pleasures Staci and I are lucky enough to experience. Every year around this time our two daughters travel with our four grandkids for a relaxing visit in the Catskill Mountains. During their visits we conjure up more than a few meals together. From pancakes (with local syrup) to luscious lamb burgers on the grill, with a crisp salad of delicious tossed greens, to constructing S’mores (with caution) over an open fire, these kids are learning by doing. Teaching Ethan, 10, Maggie, 8, Jillian, 7 and Nora, 3 how to shop at our local farmers’ market, how to use a vegetable peeler (and how to clean up after themselves) and just generally how to respect food, has been very rewarding for us. We love these family visits and hope they continue for a long time to come.

We love these family visits and hope they continue for a long time to come.

Of all the dishes we love to prepare together, pizza seems to be everyone’s favorite. Maybe it’s getting messy with the flour, maybe it’s getting to wield a rolling pin, or maybe it’s the personalization of all the ingredients available for toppings, but pizza is by far the most anticipated night of the visit.

Living in upstate New York affords us the opportunity to provide delicious, top-notch ingredients for Ethan, Maggie, Jillian and Nora to do just about anything they want to do with their pizzas.

Flour from Wild Hive Farm, cheese from Black Eyed Suzie’s, ham and bacon from North Wind Farms and delicious greens from Sky Farm are just a few examples of the good stuff these kids are placing on their handmade pizzas.

We can’t wait to open up new food horizons with these precious little learners. One of the great things about food and its culture is that there is always something to learn, something with which to experiment, something to discover and always, something that surprises.

Something like your grandkids being great little cooks, but then again, that’s not surprising.

Do you cook with your kids or grandkids? Tell us about the speciality you whip up with them.

Photo credit: Staci Strauss