Guitars, Good Food & Family Farms

Craig McCord

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Dave, Willie, John and Neil. No, we are not on a first name basis with these guys, not yet, at least. But, these gentlemen represent a core of folks who have done more for the family farm than any other effort we know. Period. Farm Aid was an inspired idea with even better execution. Farm Aid is the longest running benefit concert series in America having raised more than $39 million in support of family farmers. The dollars are a great and precious gift, but perhaps more importantly, Farm Aid has been an inspiration to millions of people to learn more about the good food movement. We admire all the artists that have performed over the years for this most worthy cause and thank Willie and The Boys (and everybody else involved) for their mighty efforts.

Their tag line says it all, "Family Farmers, Good Food, A Better America." (Oh, by the way, they really mean it!) says this about the work they're doing:

"When you eat food grown by family farmers, you know what you’re getting — honest, real food grown by people who care about their land, their community, and their future. Farm Aid is working to increase your access to family farmed food."

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