HandPicked 8–Stuff That Matters–Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day-HandPicked 8

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

The HandPicked 8 is our quick overview of stuff that matters. There’s always a lot going on in the space we call ‘real food’, but not every story generates a whole post on its own.

That’s why we’ve created The HandPicked 8, to give you a quick idea of some of the things happening in food.

We’re constantly cruising the web, listening to people and generally keeping our eyes and ears open to information we think HandPicked Nation will find useful.

If you have run across a story you think is worth sharing, put a link to it in the comments section and we’ll consider making it part of the next HandPicked 8.

So, here’s the HandPicked 8 we think is worth reading about this morning.

1. She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah! The hip people over at The Salt send all their lovin’ with their post: Beatlemania! When The Fab Four Rocked The Lunchroom. An article regaling us with images of some of the best Beatle-y lunch boxes ever. (Has it really been 50 years? Yikes.)

2. London’s The Telegraph has compiled a list of supposed lust-inducing foods. Valentine’s Day: Nine Great Aphrodisiac Foods – and One to Avoid offers lots of fun facts. Did you know chocolate’s Latin name is theobroma or “food of the gods.” Can you guess what food one should avoid?

3. What’s Valentine’s Day without a great bottle of wine? Pinterest people have compiled Valentine’s For Wine LoversClick through to find fun wine-themed Valentine’s Day recipes, romantic quotes and DIY ideas. And we’ll forgive their bad pun: Happy ValenWINE’s Day. Ouch.

4. Birchbox Editorial Director Mollie Chen talks about some common misconceptions when attempting to please your other on Valentine’s. In her article, Valentine’s Day Myths Debunked, she takes on a few V-Day clichés and offers some down-to-earth alternatives.

5. How about a whole page of videos and articles spelling out history, myth, fact and fiction about the day we call Valentine’s? From the history of chocolate to the science of attraction, The History Channel has put up a not-to-be-missed compilation of everything you wanted to know about Valentine’s, but were afraid to ask.

6. What’s up at SippitySup? A Valentine’s Red Salad: Radicchio with Pomegranate Chile Vinaigrette, that’s what’s up. Greg Henry says you can have chocolate anytime, but wouldn’t something a bit healthier say “I love you” even better? This sounds (and undoubtedly is) delicious. Yes, please.

7. Josh Ozersky writes Five Reasons Not To Go Out on Valentine’s Day (With One Exception) in Food & Wine. Mr. Ozersky posits that V-Day bashing is as popular as the holiday itself, but that we are powerless to stay home. But, that we must not be a part of all the rip-offery! Who can disagree?

8. Ok, you’ve got everything for a fun, romantic evening with you significant. What’s missing? Oh, right, music! As controversial as food choices, wine choices–well as controversial as anything we have discussed so far, Buzzfeed comes with their 21 Songs To Share With Your Sweetheart This Valentine’s Day. We say any list that has Big Star and The Beatles on it can’t be all bad, but then One Direction is in there, too. At least, they’re listed dead last!

And that’s some of the stuff that matters, Valentine’s Day, 2014!

Have an idea for a story? Send it to us, we’ll try to use it.

Photo credit: Craig McCord