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Staci Strauss

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The HandPicked 8 is our quick overview of stuff that matters. There’s always a lot going on in the space we call ‘real food’, but not every story generates a whole post on its own.

That’s why we’ve created The HandPicked 8. We’ll post every week to give you a quick idea of some of the things happening in food.

We’re constantly cruising the web, listening to people and generally keeping our eyes and ears open to information we think HandPicked Nation visitors will find useful.

If you have run across a story you think is worth sharing, put a link to it in the comments section and we’ll consider making it part of the HandPicked 8.

So here are eight pieces of communication we think are worth thinking about this morning.

1. From Narratively comes this: to make room for the new World Trade Center, Lower Manhattan’s produce market was relocated to the Bronx, to Hunt’s Point. Now what happens to the family-owned food operations there is in doubt once again.

2. Photographer Christopher Boffoli works on a whole different scale. His new book, Big Appetites shows what can be done when one thinks small. NPR’s The Salt gives us a taste.

3. Mother Jones explains how Ohio farmer David Brandt may hold the secret for solving industrial agriculture’s global warming problem. Not tilling the soil is just the beginning.

4. Betty Crocker, the iconic spokeswoman explained. Linda Pelaccio’s Heritage Radio Network show, Taste of the Past has the scoop.

5. Modern Farmer brings us The Beekman Boys sharing the 10 things they have learned from their experiences raising goats on their farm, Beekman 1802, in Sharon Springs, New York.

6. Do four-star scraps make for a tastier chicken? Purveyor Ariane Daguin believes she knows the answer. The New York Times reports that chickens in Pennsylvania are dining on scraps from high-end New York City restaurants. 

7. It’s the end of the summer and Bon Appetit’s Julia Bainbridge explains now is the time to say good bye to the tastes of summer and look forward to some good cold-weather eating.

8. Lucky Peach, the magazine, has an interesting Tumblr site. Click over there for a fresh, different, rock and roll (some might say odd) take on food and stuff surrounding food. Check it, one, two!

And that’s some of the stuff that matters, September 17, 2013!

Have an idea for a story? Seen a piece of news we ought to know about? Send it to us, we’ll try to use it.