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Staci Strauss

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The HandPicked 8 is our quick overview of stuff that matters. There’s always a lot going on in the space we call ‘real food’, but not every story generates a whole post on its own.

That’s why we’ve created The HandPicked 8. We’ll post every week to give you a quick idea of some of the things happening in food.

We’re constantly cruising the web, listening to people and generally keeping our eyes and ears open to information we think HandPicked Nation will find useful.

If you have run across a story you think is worth sharing, put a link to it in the comments section and we’ll consider making it part of the HandPicked 8.

So here are eight pieces of communication we think are worth reading about this morning.

1. From the really engaged CUESA people in San Francisco comes this post about Growing Foodwise Kids. This program educates kids about real food using the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market as a classroom to inspire children to love fruits and vegetables by tasting, exploring the market, and hands-on cooking lessons. Read the kids’ comments in the article and you’ll know it’s working.

2. Flour to the People! Culinate weighs in with a post about using local flour. We all want local produce, meat, and dairy, why not local, ground grains? It’s natural to think wheat only grows in the Midwest ‘bread basket’, but the fact is wheat can be grown almost anywhere in this land of ours. When it’s local flour, what’s in the fields is what you get.

3. Julia Moskin via The New York Times is asking to hear from you. From her post: “What recipes from our archive are essential to your holiday table? Do you fall back on our Two-Way Pear and Chanterelle Bread Stuffing from 2009? Do you have tweaks to our classic Cranberry Nut Relish from 1981?”

4. Marion Nestle is one of our most gifted food thinkers. She is always out front, thinking out of the box about food politics. Here she is being interviewed by Maria Rodale about her new book, Eat, Drink, Vote. A sample: “Politicians in Washington may bicker back and forth about issues that don’t seem all that immediately relevant to your daily life, but their decisions do trickle down to you—three times a day, every time you sit down for a meal.” Listen up, people!

5. It seems fermented horseradish should have a place at the table during this time of year. Divine Health form the Inside Out presents a recipe for this tasty concoction along with the many health benefits of fermented horseradish. Who knew?

6. When we saw 36 Quick Tips to Make Your Life Easier in the Kitchen, we just had to share it. From The Los Angeles Times: “No matter how long you’ve been in the kitchen, there is always something new to learn, whether it’s a simple twist on an old technique, or a handy tip to save time and energy.” So true. Check it out.

7. They’ve been in the news a lot lately with claims and counter-claims about fumes from their manufacturing plant, but do we know about the company that makes the ‘rooster sauce’ lots of us love? At 20 million bottles a year and counting, Sriracha must be doing something right.

8. “It took an economic crisis for Wall Street to start talking about hiring women; it may take a food security crisis for agriculture to do the same.” That’s a quote from Sonia Faruqi’s thought-provoking article on theatlantic.com about more women being needed in agriculture. With women way ahead of men in the areas of sensitivity and empathy (to name just two positive attributes) is seems a no-brainer that women would provide safer food and more humane farming.

And that’s some of the stuff that matters, November 1, 2013!

Have an idea for a story? Seen a piece of news we ought to know about? Send it to us, we’ll try to use it.