HandPicked News–March 19, 2015

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We don’t have to tell you how much is going on the swirl of food.

Openings, closing, fads, trends, winners, losers, markets, farmers, chefs–who can keep up with it all?

Not us.

But, we can offer our HandPicked Six–a few things that may help you know just a little more.

So, let’s get to it.

1) Our man, Mark Bittman has decamped (for awhile) to Berkeley, California. There he’s making us a little jealous by writing in the NYTimes about living in a chef’s paradise.

2) We love cookbooks. Who doesn’t? Eater.com has done the research and come up with the anticipated cookbooks of Spring 2015–from Texas barbecue to Big Gay ice cream, it’s all here.

3) Did you know there’s a Kitchen Cam installed at the James Beard House? Neither did we. You can choose your own camera: KITCHEN, STOVE, PREP or even, SHUFFLE. The next time there’s an event happening there, check in and choose your view.

4) Are you a huge app user? Check out this app-etizing list from Buzzfeed, 18 Apps All Food Lovers Should Know About. If you’re like us, you’ll find a couple you’ll want to load up immediately.

5) You should be familiar with this new magazine. It’s called Life&Thyme and their first issue is out right now. Articles about Belcampo Meat Co., Cup4Cup gluten-free flour, and the unsung heroes of the food business–dishwashers are examples of what you’ll find inside.

6) Jody Williams is a chef-restaurateur in New York City. Her tiny, awesome Buvette is a favorite of ours and when we ran upon Mike Colameco’s video telling its story, we thought we had to share. Great restaurant. Great video. What’s not to love?

We handpicked just six stories we thought were worth sharing. Let us know the stories you believe are worth telling others about and we’ll do our best to put them up soon.

Photo credit: Craig McCord