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As we've built up our community here at HandPicked Nation, we have met some truly incredible farmers, ranchers, makers and thinkers in the real food movement. Which prompted the thought, why not share a little more about the real people of real food with our readers?

Welcome to another addition of HandPicked People!

Andrea Fabry joins us today, sharing a little more insight in to her toxic-free life! Andrea and her family have undergone a pretty interesting journey over the last few years, from battling toxic mold-induced illnessses to living as cleanly as possible. Andrea knows first hand the nutritional value and restorative powers of real food and brings that knowledge and passion to her writing.

Name: Andrea Fabry

Occupation: Founder of momsAWARE, Writer & Mother

Describe what you do in ten words or less. Nurture my family, seek to raise environmental and food awareness.

Describe real food in one sentence. Real food comes in its original packaging and is perfectly designed.

What is your first food memory? Wearing a party hat with my 2 year-old face drowning in chocolate frosting.

If you were a food or a flavor, what would you be? Coconut!

What are the five food things you always have on hand? Coconut oil, stick blender, chicken bones, greens, kefir grains.

What is the one professional rule you never break? I clean our cutting boards thoroughly after each use.

What's going to be your next meal? 4 farm fresh eggs fried in freshly rendered lard, with a kale/romaine/lemon green juice.

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