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As we’ve built up our community here at HandPicked Nation, we have met some truly incredible farmers, ranchers, makers and thinkers in the real food movement. Which prompted the thought, why not share a little more about the real people of real food with our readers?

Welcome to another addition of HandPicked People!

Emily Duff knows that real food rules.

As a chef, mom and creator of the blog Family2Table, Emily understands how important it is to get delicious and nutritious food on the table for the whole family. Emily is a big fan of shopping at the many greenmarkets in New York City, picking up peak-season ingredients and bringing them home to create wonderful meals. Her words, images and recipes are mouthwatering.

Emily Duff firmly believes that “family mealtime is family real time.” We couldn’t agree more.

Name: Emily Duff

Occupation: Chef and writer.

Describe what you do in ten words or less. I teach people that family mealtime is family real time.

Describe real food in one sentence. Real food is what people ate 100 years ago.

What is your first food memory? Putting the hard boiled eggs in the meat grinder while my grandmother Sylvia cranked the handle and made chopped liver.

If you were a food or a flavor, what would you be? I would be a tart, bright lemon vinaigrette.

What are the five food things you always have on hand? Raw sour cream, fresh herbs, eggs, sheep’s milk cheese & something fermented.

What is the one professional rule you never break? First In First Out. Always rotate what’s in the fridge. That means I date everything – another rule not broken.

What’s going to be your next meal? Mustard seared leg of lamb steak with cauliflower gratin and housemade ruby red sauerkraut.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what kinds of questions you want us to ask in the comments below!