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As we’ve built up our community here at HandPicked Nation, we have met some truly incredible farmers, ranchers, makers and thinkers in the real food movement. Which prompted the thought, why not share a little more about the real people of real food with our readers?

Welcome to another addition of HandPicked People!

Faith Schlabach’s got milk.

She runs Misty Morning Farms in Virginia with her husband and is a huge proponent of bringing your dairy supply chain as close to home as possible — like “owning your own family cow” close. Experiencing first-hand the positive difference switching to raw milk made in her family’s health and being aware of lesser-known issues like the A1/A2 genetic mutation in milk, Faith is a passionate advocate for truly understanding everything that comes along with a seemingly simple glass of milk.

She’s a wonderful addition to our circle of contributors and we look forward to sharing more of Faith’s insights and wise words.

Name: Faith Schlabach

Occupation: Mother, Grand Mommy, Farmer, Writer

Describe what you do in ten words or less. Live, Laugh, Eat, Teach, and  Run from house to barn.

Describe real food in one sentence. Hearty fare raised with integrity in soil with great fertility and mineral balance, which is full of microbes and earthworms who cheerfully add their benefits; which the partaker, whether man or beast, benefits from as they merrily relish the rich, fresh, abundant and nourishing flavors.

What is your first food memory? I’d go to anyone’s house for cookies and would hold one cookie in apparent reserve in one hand while I ate additional cookies with the other hand.

If you were a food or a flavor, what would you be? My husband says a jumping bean, but I think a Ginger Berry Kombucha.

What are the five food things you always have on hand? Fresh Raw Milk, Fresh Cultured Butter, Raw Honey, Organic Apples, Raw Salad Fixings, Grass-fed Meats.

What is the one professional rule you never break? If I wronged someone, apologize and take responsibility as soon as possible.

What’s going to be your next meal? I’m dreaming about this since I’m on day 5 of a fast. I think my first real meal with be a yummy soup made with our very own free-range chicken broth and a medley of veggies with real salt and a dollop of fresh cultured butter.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what kinds of questions you want us to ask in the comments below!