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As we've built up our community here at HandPicked Nation, we have met some truly incredible farmers, ranchers, makers and thinkers in the real food movement. Which prompted the thought, why not share a little more about the real people of real food with our readers?

Welcome to another addition of HandPicked People!

Richard Tullis dishes a little dirt about himself today… dirt that's been lovingly cared for in his capable, green hands (a mere thumb will not do).

Richard brings his discerning photographer's eye and passion for flora to each of his HandPicked articles. From foraging wild greens to upcycling garden containers, Richard's knack for being green is inspiring.

Name: Richard Tullis

Occupation: Photographer & Artist

Describe what you do in ten words or less. Photograph, Write, Garden, Cook, Weed, Remodel, Forage, Mycology, Learn, Teach.

Describe real food in one sentence. Fresh natural ingredients prepared with love.

What is your first food memory? Watermelon seeds, someone told me if I swallowed them they'd grow inside of me.

If you were a food or a flavor, what would you be? Umami.

What are the five food things you always have on hand? Red chili flakes, good olive oil, shallots, anchovies, red wine vinegar.

What is the one professional rule you never break? There are rules?

What's going to be your next meal? Lunch.

Did we miss anything? Let us know what kinds of questions you want us to ask in the comments below!