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As we’ve built up our community here at HandPicked Nation, we have met some truly incredible farmers, ranchers, makers and thinkers in the real food movement. Which prompted the thought, why not share a little more about the real people of real food with our readers?

Welcome to another addition of HandPicked People!

Slow Films, the production arm of HandPicked Nation, was founded by Staci Strauss and Craig McCord in 2000. After years spent making national television commercials, Staci and Craig traveled to the south of France to film a jazz documentary. There, they experienced how vital the local farmers’ market was to the community and realized the importance of knowing where good food comes from.

Staci and Craig have produced several compelling video shorts with a big dose of cinematic attitude, featuring people like Chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill, real food advocate Ron Silver at his comfort food palace, Bubby’s and self-proclaimed “lunatic farmer” Joel Salatin, to name just a few.

We want to tell 13 new HandPicked Stories showcasing the stellar individuals and groups making a difference in the real food movement, providing a direct and positive impact on these small businesses and building a better food culture for everyone, but we need your help to get there. We’ve launched an indiegogo campaign to raise funds that will enable us to do what we do best—spotlighting the stories of creative, hard-working food folks.

Let’s tell these stories together!

Name: Slow Films.

Occupation: Filmmakers.

Describe what you do in ten words or less. We are real food advocates who use videos to tell the story.

Describe real food in one sentence. Real food is food your grandmother would recognize.

What is your first food memory? Rosé wine and stinky cheese in St. Remy de Provence

If you were a food or a flavor, what would you be? A very savory marinade.

What are the five food things you always have on hand? Great olive oil, butter, sea salt, chocolate and red wine.

What is the one professional rule you never break? Never treat the waitstaff badly.

What’s going to be your next meal? Flying Pigs pork chops with smashed fingerlings and blue cheese.

Please visit the HandPicked Stories campaign to learn more about this exciting project and to check out all the snazzy swag! Let’s tell these stories together.