HandPicks for April 20th

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What do tequila and chia pets have in common (besides being the keys to a good Friday night)? They're both part of this week's HandPicks!

Ch-ch-ch-what? Chia seeds have graduated from TV infomercial notoriety to be the new health snack craze. (via NPR.org)

Makizushi gets a laser-cut makeover, courtesy of a Japanese ad agency… (via HuffingtonPost.com)

Honeybees are going straight to the top… of the Waldorf Astoria! A collection of hives are being installed on top of the landmark hotel. (via NYDailyNews.com)

It must have been a tough job, but somebody had to do it… a guide to all things tequila. (via SeriousEats.com)

The Ecocentric blog has been nominated for a Webby award in the Green Category! We're psyched for this great organization to get some much-deserved recognition. (via EcocentricBlog.com)

Happy Friday everyone!