HandPicks for May 11th

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Some silly food fun to see you in to the weekend…

Plain old frozen water just not floating your boat (or beverage)? Check out these delicious and lovely alternatives! (via TheKitchn.com)  

What do sea cucumbers, R2D2 and The Minotaur have in common? They all make AWESOME PANCAKES! (via HuffingtonPost.com) 

Food fight! Anthony Bourdain issued some choice words for a fellow American food writer, setting the blogosphere all a flutter guessing who the mystery "abusive, misogynistic, back-biting" person might be. Most fingers are pointing to Jeffrey Steingarten… (via Eater.com) 

An excellent idea for grilling greatness, Adam Perry Lang's herb brush is simple, but sure to produce big results for your next cookout. (via FoodRepublic.com) 

Does your mom enjoy slaving over a hot stove all day? Well, here are some great gift ideas for Mother's Day! (via BonAppetit.com) 

Happy Friday everyone!

(Plate image courtesy of Kaboodle.com)