Happy Holiday Digestion

Raluca Schachter

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Digestion can get off track with all the holiday indulgences that surround us this season.

Raluca Schachter has some good tips to keep your stomach in happy working order.

For many people this month is the one where all “diets” are ditched, all food restrictions suppressed by a sudden amnesia, ratios are doubled, sweets are allowed since it’s “Christmas” all month long and good cheer should be floating in the air! This approach might actually work more or less for healthier individuals. But despite the “good cheer”, which everybody is aspiring to this month, some stomach problems might make it sometimes very difficult to… swallow and cheer… So what can we do in order to minimize effects and still enjoy the season, while indulging in some of our culinary weaknesses?

Digestion can get off track with all the holiday indulgences that surround us this season.

Here are a couple of categories of food that support digestion and detoxification:


An exceptional gut healing food is the old time stock! One of the first things I tell my clients to start consuming, regardless of what metabolic type they are and what health concerns they are dealing with. “A good broth will resurrect the dead” says an old South American proverb. The more bones are used, the more gelatin is obtained. Gelatin acts as an aid to digestion and has been used successfully in the treatment of many intestinal disorders, like hyperacidity, colitis and Crohn’s disease and other chronic disorders.You can use stock in sauces, soups and anywhere you need liquid to sauté vegetables or meat. It can be made in bulk and stored until needed. Clear stock will keep about 5 days in the refrigerator, longer if reboiled and several months in the freezer. If you are new to this or looking for a different recipe, you can check out this: all purpose stock.

Fermented Vegetables

Winter is actually a great time to start using fermented vegetables! If you don’t suffer from candida overgrowth, in which case you can aggravate your condition with an overload of fermented vegetables, you can have these to go with your regular meals. Sauerkraut is the best known fermented vegetable in the United States, but many cultures around the world are fermenting a variety of vegetables and even fruits for their rich content of beneficial lactobacili (probiotics) needed in every healthy gut! For a recipe to ferment cauliflower, carrots, and even red cabbage, cucumbers and green tomatoes along these, check out one of my previous articles where I included a recipe.

What do you do to improve your digestion around the holidays?

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