Have Some Glue with Your Steak?

Jill (The Real Food Forager)

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It never fails to astonish me when I find out another underhanded industry accepted adulteration of food. Just the other day I read about an additive to meat that is not identified clearly in restaurants or catering halls, that involves adding a potential allergen or worse to food and that may cause illness in certain instances. It is just as disgusting as Pink Slime.

Meat Glue

It’s called meat glue and apparently it is used commonly in the meat industry. They take cheap cuts of meat and essentially glue them together with a substance called transglutaminase. They push the glued meat into a form that shapes it to look like an expensive cut like filet mignon, but it is really made from cheap stew meat.

According to an article in the journal Food Science, microbial transglutaminase (MTGase) is a useful method for producing restructured meat (I like that term). They also discussed the fact that,

Meat cubes in combination with MTGase and sodium caseinate showed acceptable bind, and sodium caseinate (this is milk derived) appeared to be a superior substrate for the crosslinking to meat proteins than soy protein, whey protein, or gelatin.

That suggests to me that it is not only MTGase that is added to the meat, but also any of the above substances including but not limited to maltodextrin (which may be derived from wheat) soy protein, whey protein (a milk product), sodium caseinate (a milk product) or gelatin.

And you thought a steak was a steak.

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Have you heard of meat glue? Do you think this latest revelation will be as big a story as Pink Slime?