How to Not Grow Monsanto

Sarah Pope

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Monsanto has a definite grasp on agriculture in this country. That’s not going to come as any surprise to most of us.

What may surprise you, however, is how deep that grasp goes. Now in the business of buying out organic seed companies, Monsanto has situated itself to maintain even more of the market share of our food supply. Sarah Pope, The Health Home Economist, has done some great research into the issue.

Seed catalogs are starting to arrive in mailboxes across the Northern Hemisphere with home gardeners everywhere starting to plan which seeds they will sow in their spring gardens.

A positive trend in recent years is the growing number of gardening enthusiasts choosing to plant gardens using organic and/or heirloom seeds.

What most of these home gardeners don’t realize is that corporate behemoth and GMO titan Monsanto has been gobbling up seed companies faster than a caterpillar can munch a tomato plant!

This means that a home gardener could purchase organic and/or heirloom seeds and unknowingly be supporting the development and proliferation of genetically modified crops because Monsanto now owns many of the names of the seeds themselves!

Planting a sustainable home garden is much more than just choosing certified organic seeds and seedlings because Monsanto has cleverly positioned itself to make money off the home gardening trend whenever and wherever the seeds whose names they own are purchased.

Does this mean that even if you buy organic or heirloom seeds from a completely independent company but Monsanto owns the name of that seed, some of your purchase is going into the pockets of the bad guys?

Yes, it does.


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Are you surprised by this information? Will it change how you plant your garden this year? 

Photo Credit: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds