Hungry in America

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While most of us look forward to this Thanksgiving weekend filled with delicious food and time with our families, others will not.

This time of year shows, in greater contrast, what is true every day of the year. People are hungry in America.

Is it possible America’s problems with poverty and hunger have gotten worse?

Matt O’Brien in the Washington Post reports that:

Once upon a time, the American economy worked for everybody, and even the middle class got richer. But this story has only been a fairy tale for almost 30 years now. The new, harsh reality is that the bottom 90 percent of households are poorer today than they were in 1987.

Lawmakers in Washington and in statehouses across America seem to think cutting assistance programs and blaming poor people for being poor and hungry is somehow contributing toward a workable solution.


Are there private organizations working hard to cut down the food insecurity in America?

Absolutely. compiled this list of the top seven hunger organizations.

This time of year shows, in greater contrast, what is true every day of the year. People are hungry in America.

As much positive good as these tremendous organizations do, the systemic problems of poverty and hunger run deep.

It takes a larger entity, a more powerful organization to tackle a problem of this immense proportion.

Let’s see? What is an example of an organization like that?

Oh! How about government?

Yes, it is government’s job to maintain the security of the country and its border was well as the welfare of its citizens.

And when the number of citizens who experience food insecurity ascend to the levels we are currently seeing, government is not meeting its obligation to its citizenry.

Is it necessary for us all to pitch in and help our hungry friends and neighbors?

Unequivocally, yes.

Do all of us who can need to work to earn our daily bread?

There is no question about that.

But, does government need to recognize that it is within its power to fix the problem?

Damn straight.

So, when most of us sit down to enjoy our Thanksgiving meal, let’s remember all those who are hungry in America.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.