Hurricane Sandy Relief

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Hurricane Sandy definitely tossed us around a bit here at HandPicked Nation. Although we sustained some mild damage, we know we are extremely lucky.

In light of the devastation and destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy, we ask all of you to help ease the storm victims' suffering.

You can make a financial donation with the American Red Cross to support shelters, blood drives and much-needed supply distribution.

If you live in or near the affected areas and are physically able, please donate your time and energy with various agencies.

Click here for a list of New York state opportunities.

Click here for a list of New Jersey state opportunities.

You can also find more localized volunteer opportunities at

And, please, be sure to support the affected farmers, restaurants and food shops who will certainly be struggling to regain their financial footing in the coming weeks and months.

The storm may have passed, but we have a long way to go toward recovery. Every bit of support will help.

If you know of more opportunities to help, please list them in the comments!

Photo Credit: American Red Cross