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Elizabeth Thompson

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Let me warn you now: This restaurant is far from the beaten path, so you will not be able to satisfy your watering mouth easily after reading this rave review of Inga’s Galley in Petersburg, Alaska.

Now, the bad news before the good. Inga’s is extremely seasonal, only being open mid-April to mid-September. That said, the anticipation of its opening helps the local folks to soldier through the long days of March.

I want to eat there every day… around lunch time and then again around dinner, because I love everything about it: the casual and friendly al fresco atmosphere; their commitment to sourcing organic ingredients locally; their ridiculously low prices; the warm wooden fencing and containers of flowers that transform a gravel lot into a lovely patio setting; their heated tent; the way they happily and studiously accommodate the vegans, the gluten-free, and the lactose-intolerant; their commitment to recycling; the celebration of flavors from Korean to Thai to Mexican – YUM! With every bite I can taste the fun they must be having in their tiny galley. The crew that works there have the shining smiles of the happy and the healthy.

So, the food. I personally am a bit stuck on the seared rockfish tacos and the handmade french fries (they are a deep caramel brown with the skins on, crispy on the edges, softer in the middle, SO DAMN GOOD!). The Thai curry with sweet potatoes and grilled shrimp is another favorite… oh, and the halibut cheek ceviche… and the spicy king salmon sandwich with caramelized onions and jalapeno mayo! Each day they have specials, like seared salmon topped with pear chutney served over rice and served with a mixed greens salad with sockeye lox, pear, avocado and a homemade dressing or seared white king salmon with fresh blueberry salsa. During a recent bout of cold rain they had a gluten-free beef stew served with pumpkin corn muffins – very satisfying. Clearly these people love to cook. Everything is made to order and made with flare.

Inga’s Galley has beautifully filled a need in this small town (and in me) for some ethnic flavor and some hip recipes that use the wild seafood just off our shores. The place is hopping and for good reason: the fare is top drawer and everything about it is charming… from the xtratuf boot as tip jar to the flashers that mark your order number, heck even the bathroom is darling (my mom took a photo of it!).

If you can’t come up for a visit to indulge yourself in an Inga’s meal, you can buy their savory fish rub.  Rub it on a nice piece of wild meat and play with your own culinary flare and imagination. Then, sit outside by some flowers and enjoy your meal!

What’s your favorite, out-of-the-way spot by you?

Photo Credit: Inga’s Galley