Junk Food’s Impact on DNA

Raluca Schachter

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If we all dropped dead after eating junk food, the message would have been loud and clear: DO NOT INGEST! But this is one of the things we probably have to learn the hard way. Many people these days struggle through a long time of  sickness, being plagued with low immunity, high toxicity, and a wide range of metabolic imbalances. Most likely they will have to leave this world in a hospital, after a long addiction to medical drugs and doctors.

Most modern, “civilized” people refuse to make and acknowledge any connection between the food they ingest, their lifestyle and their health. And they can do that because the effects of poisoning our bodies are both cumulative and, most of the time, delayed.

When you store enough toxins to build up cancer in your body, the first thought that comes to mind is “I have to kill it,” NOT “The food I ate and the lifestyle I had were bad, I have to start all new and heal my body and mind.” As you see, the focus is mainly to “kill” something external, a disease that fell on our heads with no reason, out of nowhere (like conventional medicine likes us to believe) and NOT internal, or based on our own actions and choices.

This mentality allows us to easily find excuses that validate our eating behavior, with no regard to the massive negative effect the junk food industry has on the human race. And processed, toxic food can come in many forms and sizes: from packaged dinners, “cardboard” cereal boxes, factory raised meat, pasteurized conventional dairy, GMO foods, to candy and even eating un-sprouted, un-soaked, and un-fermented grains, legumes and nuts.

Some of us have woken up and now see the connection. We see and understand that we ARE what we eat…

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This article originally appeared on Guide2Health.net. It is partially posted here with permission from the author.

Photo Credit: HealthForFree.com