Kale Pesto for Kids!

Kim Gerber

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Kim Gerber knows there are very few things kids love more than spaghetti. So, why not make a delicious and vibrant kale pesto to go on top? With a rich, garlicky flavor, this pesto is a great way to get some much-needed greens into your kids’ diet!

Last week we made Olive Oil Kale Crisps, a fun and delicious way to introduce kids to the incredibly nutritious vegetable, Kale. But where do we go from here? The kids like the Kale as chips, but ONLY as chips, yet the beautiful bunches of brightly colored Kale call to me every Saturday at the farmers market. I know we can only make so many batches of Kale chips before they tire of them – so how else can we prepare this incredibly nutritious vegetable?  How can we turn it into a meal they will enjoy?

Enter Pesto. Pesto by definition is an olive oil based sauce made with herbs and garlic.  Traditionally, it is made with olive oil, basil, garlic, Parmesan cheese and pine nuts. However, having eaten many versions of pesto utilizing different greens I knew a Pesto would be the perfect way to introduce Kale in a different form to the kids.

With slightly wilty bunch of Kale from the previous week’s farmers market shopping, and some left over walnuts in the pantry, I set to work and less than half an hour later, my kids were slurping up long noodles of spaghetti coated in one of my favorite green veggies. Hooray!

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Photo Credit: Kim Gerber